The History of LPO

Dimer acid based polyamide material has been used to encapsulate electronic assemblies since 1984 when IBM used the technology in Europe to overmold D-sub connectors. Since then polyamides have a track record of performance in a technical sense. The key constraint to the use of polyamides to protect electronic assemblies has always been getting the yield rates high enough to reap the per piece savings.

The development of gear pump LPO technology in Europe was the first step in delivering on the promise of polyamide protection of electronic assemblies. The development of gear pump technology to deliver LPO material increased production yield rates. Protection of assemblies using LPO material was firmly established. In subsequent years the current LPO machinery manufacturers all joined the market with similar gear pump technology machines. The emergence of LPO protection technology began.

In 2008 Lighthouse Electronics Protection introduces Sureshot technology, increasing production yield to 99.9%

Lighthouse Electronics Protection introduces LPO-1180. Expanding the temperature envelope for LPO protected products.

Lighthouse Electronics Protection introduces Vyloshot. Expanding the temperature envelope for LPO protected products and expanding the range of chemicals that are intrusion resistant.