Sureshot™ Machine Technology leads the industry in accuracy.

The Lighthouse SureShot™ System

Sureshot Machine 02

  • Eliminates the guess work associated with gear pumps.
  • Gives you accurate, repeatable shots with .005cc accuracy.
  • Provides our customers with the flexibility to run large molds up to 8 cavities.
  • Our servo driven rod system can shoot up to 300g in one shot.
  • Expandable; to be used in a fully automated assembly process.
  • Store up to 250 recipes; eliminating the need to re-enter recipes with every mold change.
  • Ethernet connectivity makes programming possible remotely.

Lighthouse Electronics Protection machines have many production-enhancing features:

Polyamide-specific Melt System

  • Appropriate material heating prevents charring and material aging.
  • On screen melt tank refill alarm.

Positive Displacement Servo Drive

  • Excellent volumetric fill repeatability, eliminates pressure and viscosity variation (±.005cc).
  • Variable flow rate profiling for optimum cycle times.
  • Eliminates daily start-up guesswork and transients.
  • Displacement up to 300cc.
  • Available multiple displacement units/injection points.

Excellent Controls Set

  • Reggie Programming For A Run8 inch HMI screen for operator ease.
  • Operator and technician level passwords.
  • PLC-operated with Windows front end.
  • “Mold-Saver” prevents mold crashes.
  • Dual Anti-tiedown cycle start, optional light curtain.
  • Process monitoring - pressure, temperature, displacement.
  • Pre-program 250 jobs by name.
  • Available low-level alarm.
  • Available QA uploading.
  • Available Ethernet monitoring and diagnostics.


  • Standard 1-ton press, 5-ton available.
  • Accommodates 12” x 12” molds.
  • Standard Ejector plate.
  • Sturdy machine base.
  • Machine layout reconfigurable to your needs.
  • Optional Chiller.
  • Highly integratable – full turnkey systems available.
  • Available-Rotary indexing table.

Two Cavity Mold In Operation