Overmolded Antenna

Fewer Pieces

What do you really need besides the electronic assembly you are protecting?

How large a Bill of Material do you need to support production?

Lighthouse Electronics Protection can simplify both sides of the production equation for you. LPO can have a Bill of Material of one, just the resin. An added benefit is LPO resins are solid, not liquid, simplifying handling and clean up.

Fewer production related components
For production, potting requires mix tubes, a resin and a hardener.
Potting and conformal coating production systems require liquid handling and incur liquid dunnage costs.

Reduced number of component elements in the finished product
Say goodbye to most housings. Say goodbye to mechanical fasteners.

Sometimes the design using LPO will call for the inclusion of compression limiters, and occasionally separate housings make sense as well. Overall, the vast majority of product design challenges can be solved with LPO using a smaller Bill of Materials than if one was to use competing technologies.