LPO compared to Potting

LPO encapsulates the electronic assembly, like potting. LPO eliminates the curing process, set up times, fasteners and liquids required for potting. The resulting unit doesn’t have any space between the protection and the electronics. LPO is fast:

  • Faster cycle times, which gets you back to production faster . Less work in process. Less safety stock.
  • LPO allows for multi-cavity production.

LPO reduces:

Led Module With Overmold Contour To Board
  •  Required material consumption (We achieve better results with less. Typical reduction is between 1/2 and 2/3 of material needed).
  • Product weight, The specific gravity of LPO materials is 1specific gravity unit (water is one). Potting materials typically have a specific gravity of between 1.2 and 1.4 specific gravity units.

LPO eliminates the need for:

  • Liquids
  • Metal or plastic housing.
  • Mechanical fasteners to hold the board to the housing.
  • Static mix tubes for potting material dispensing.
  • Special handling charges for liquid dunnage.
  • Cure ovens.

Because LPO is simpler than potting, production errors are reduced.

  • No mix ratio failures.
  • No mix tubes to replace, no time lost replacing them.
  • No silicone migration problems.
  • No mid-shift component replacement.
Process Time Comparision
Fill Time Time to Ready to Use Product
LPO 2 sec to 15 sec As little as 30 sec
Potting 10 sec to 30 sec A minimum of 1 hour

In addition, LPO has much less downtime for changeovers during the production shift.

Material Advantages

  • No liquid material.
  • No silicone.
  • No urethane. (see note 1)
  • No hazmat equipment to cleanup spill.

Note 1: Urethane is an EPA enforcement focus because it is a leading cause of workplace asthma, and the MDI and TDI components of urethane are carcinogens.

How do all of the cost and performance variables add up?