Case Study – Support Without Borders

Lighthouse Electronics Protection supplied a SureShot TM machine to a factory based in Asia. The client was interested in changing their manufacturing processes to Low Pressure Overmolding to speed up production and reduce costs. After completing design, prototyping and on site set-up they began Low Pressure Overmolding of their products.

However, the customer shortly started to have daily issues at start up and during long production runs. Once they contacted our support team, we used our SureShotTM Ethernet diagnostic tools to try and correct the issue remotely. Not being able to correct the issue after the first 48 hours, we determined that an on-site visit was necessary. We dispatched our local support team to work directly with our customer on their manufacturing floor. We quickly determined that fluctuating voltage in the facility was adversely the machine. Our Sureshot TM machine was not the problem, just the manifestation of a problem with their system. We proposed a solution. After having an external transformer installed, the customer was back up and running.

Since then the customer has been able to produce their overmolded products consistently, taking full advantage of all the additional benefits of switching to our dispense technology.

At Lighthouse Electronics Protection, we believe so strongly in the quality of our products and technology that we will go to great lengths to make sure they function correctly and efficiently for our clients, whether its down the street, or half way around the world.