Case Study – Once you get it

Lighthouse will do ‘lunch and learn’ presentations for companies that are considering Low Pressure Overmolding and do not have any familiarity with the technology. We were invited to make this kind of presentation at a large established consumer electronics company based in California.

The Director of Engineering just stood up and walked out. We were about twenty minutes into our standard presentation regarding Low Pressure Overmolding technology and the key person in the audience left the room.

The other employees cast glances at each other. Despite this distraction, we kept going through the presentation.

He returned in five minutes with a box. This brought the presentation to a halt.

He put the box on the conference table. In the box were all of the electronic assemblies that they manufactured in the plant. He pulled out one and asked us, “Can you overmold this?” Taking the part in hand and looking it over we responded, “Yes, we can.”

The presentation was over. The rest of the meeting involved going through every part in the box. Once he understood how revolutionary LPO was, all that the Director wanted to know was what it would take to upgrade his protection on his entire product line.