Case Study – Lighting The Way

Lighthouse Electronics Protection had a customer with a unique problem. Some companies can overmold a series of LEDs. Some can overmold an LCD. Some companies can overmold a coin cell lithium ion battery. But can they overmold all three? Not until they called Lighthouse Electronics Protection was the client able to find someone up to the challenge.

Lighthouse Electronics Protection can manage the thermal dissipation and the expansion and have had experience overmolding all of the individual components in the past. It allowed us to understand that the main obstacle was the assembly was going to be the possibility of slight variations in the height of the LEDs from piece to piece. We told the client that we were confident that if they could eliminate the variations in LED heights apparent in the prototype, that we could overmold their parts successfully.

The client designed the production process they were using for the board to deliver the consistency we required.

Because Lighthouse Electronics Protection has reinvented the Low Pressure Overmolding process from the ground up, we were uniquely positioned to understand how to overcome the challenge that other companies wouldn't even bid.