Case Study – Have You Lost Weight?

Lighthouse Electronics Protection was contacted by a major OEM to discuss repackaging a critical control module. The existing version of the module was a two-piece housing with a port for dispensing potting material; the housing held more than 300g of a two part potting material. The client was looking to save time, cost and reduce the number of inventory items.

By switching to Low Pressure Overmolding (LPO) technology, the need for the housing was eliminated entirely. Because Lighthouse Electronics Protection is able to create a single piece to encapsulate the part, we are able to eliminate multiple part structures altogether, including the potting port plug and the mechanical fasteners.

Instead of 300g of potting material, the new mold required only about one third the amount in polyamide resin. Just through the reduced volume of encapsulant the client was able to reduce the product cost nearly two dollars per module.

While saving money, we also saved production time. With Low Pressure Overmolding, the cycle time was reduced to just over 2 minutes total encapsulation time. This reduced the overall cycle time from the original design by 58 minutes.

The client was able to achieve all of their needs by changing to Low Pressure Overmolding: saving cost, time and reducing the number of parts required.