Convertible Bond Placement

August 21, 2013
Sterling Heights, MI

Lighthouse Molding announces the finalization of the placement of a convertible bond with private investors. Scott Lowes, president of Lighthouse, stated that the deal will allow Lighthouse to ramp up marketing. “Communicating the advantages of this new technology is one of our major tasks”, Lowes said. “Once we demonstrate the technology for electronics encapsulation, our conversion rate is pretty high.”

Lowes said initial marketing would focus on companies that currently use the potting technology. “Low pressure overmolding is saving our current customers who converted from potting up to 50% in cost from a combination of reduced material costs and faster process times.” Lowes stated.

Lighthouse Molding, Inc is the technology leader in low pressure overmolding (LPO) solutions to protect electronic assemblies. Lighthouse Molding designs and manufactures LPO machinery. The company also supplies LPO resins and does LPO contract manufacturing. Founded in 2005, the company is privately held and based in Sterling Heights, Michigan.